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June 8, 2010

Farr 30 Mid Winter Championship to be held at Key West
Race Week January 17-21, 2011.
The Farr 30 class has designated Key West Race Week as their 2011 Midwinter
Championship. There will be a special championship trophy awarded to the class winner
on Friday at the final awards presentation. 

"Warm water, great breeze and top notch race management!  Key West Race
Week, it's the best regatta of the year!"  Deneen Demourkas, Class President, Farr
30 Groovederci

“I am really pleased to have  Key West as our Midwinter Championship next
year,” said Brad Kaufmann, Chesapeake Fleet Captain “Over the years there has been
some terrific Farr 30 racing in Key West and I think we’re going to turn things around in
2011 and get a real strong turnout next January.” 
"The Farr 30 class has a rich history at Key West Race Week. We all remember the
25-30 boat fleets from a decade ago, but people tend to forget that two short years ago
(in 2008) the Farr 30s featured a very competitive 15-boat class in Key West. Following
their one year hiatus in 2010, this has all the makings of a great comeback story.”
                                                         Peter Craig, Race Chairman
As of June 2, 2010, we already have 7 confirmed boats:  
   Groovederci       Deneen Demourkas              Santa Barbara, CA USA   
   Jack-a-Roe        John Dybas                              Chicago, IL USA   
   Mummbles        Brad Kauffman                         Annapolis, MD USA   
   Rhumb Punch  John & Linda Edwards           Solomons, MD USA   
   Notorious          Kevin Brown                              Toronto, ONT CAN   
   Snooker                                                                                     USA   
   Turbo Duck       Bodo & Nick vonder Wense    Annapolis, MD USA
If you have Key West on your racing calendar for 2011 or are even giving it serious
consideration at this point, please notify Premiere Racing, your International Class
Secretary, or your Fleet Captain. There is a special Farr 30 page on the event web
site with class specific news and an all-important “Early Entry Plans” section. As we all
know, good competition begets more entries!     
Premiere Racing is working to help lower your costs and some of the highlights are listed
here. Please see the special web page for more details and ongoing updates (“Affordable,
Achievable Key West”). More good news is that logistically it is easier than ever to rent a
house or condo and slips are more readably available than they were in years past.  

  • Farr 30 Dockage: The least expensive Old Town Marina ($3.50/foot) is the Historic
    Seaport Marina. Currently, they offer a rafting rate of $2.75/foot and discussion is
    underway regarding a special class rate.


  • Staging-Mast In-Launch-Haul-Mast Out:  There are numerous options available in
    Key West and on Stock Island (see the Key West logistics page). A new event
    mobile marina operation (Coffin Marine) was in play at Truman Waterfront Property
    last year and received very favorable reviews from boat owners and boat captains.
    Their rates were 10% lower than what S&S Mobile Marina charged in 2009. We are
    working with Coffin Marine to establish a special Farr 30 class rate.


  • More Savings: Premiere Racing has implemented a $100 early entry discount, a
    30% savings on advance access card (social) fees

The Notice and Conditions of Race is at the printer and will be in the mail and on the web site next week.
For more information:  Farr 30 Class Association 

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