Farr 30 Crew Classification


In 2010 ISAF eliminated the G2 status in the Sailor Classification Code, ISAF Regulation 22. 

Please note that with immediate effect:

1.1   CLASSIFICATION - While racing in One Design events, the ISAF Classification Code shall apply. The crew shall be composed of Group 1 competitors, except that up to two (2) crew members may be Group 3 competitors.  Competitors without a current Classification, or whose employment circumstances have changed, may apply for a valid classification electronically on the ISAF website (www.sailing.org). Competitors who do not provide a valid ISAF Classification shall be deemed to be Group 3.  


1.2   STEERING – Except for Owners and except for emergencies involving safety of the yacht or        crew, Group 3 competitors are prohibited from steering while racing in sanctioned One Design Class events, or in any One Design Class racing. Group 1 Owners and Group 1 alternative helmsmen may steer any FARR 30 if they are in compliance with Class Rule 2.7.


1.3   OWNERS – For purposes of 1.2, owners shall be defined as members of the FARR 30 Class Association and shall hold legal ownership interest in the boat being steered (of at least 50% of fair market value of the new or brokerage boat price for Group 3) evidenced by appropriate documentation. For purposes of 1.2, chartering a boat does not constitute ownership. In the case of a chartered boat, only Group 1 competitors or Group 3 Owners shall be permitted to steer during sanctioned One Design Class events or in any One Design Class racing.


29th July 2010

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