Swedish Farr 30 Association Formed

On July 2, 2010, a meeting with the Swedish Farr 30 sailors took place at Trollgården in Sandhamn during Sandhamn Race Week, where 6 Farr 30s competed in their first One Design series in Sweden. This date, the Swedish Farr 30 Association was constituted and one representative from each boat was elected to office. All Scandinavian Farr 30 owners and sailors will be invited for membership.

The association will apply for membership in the Swedish Sailing Federation and as Regional Fleet in the International Farr 30 Association.

The Swedish Farr 30 Association will work with the Scandinavian region’s racing schedule, contacts with owners, marketing of the class and relations with event organizers, clubs and the international association.

The Farr 30 class is having a surge in Scandinavia. Three years back, there were only 3-4 boats in Scandinavia,  where now 15 boats reside, half of which are located in Sweden. We are now planning a 2011 Farr 30 cup series, to which we will invite all Farr 30′s to join us. Especially, we hope that the fleet of 9 boats in St Petersburg/Russia and other boats in northern Europe cities will want to join us for a fantastic season. Invitations will be sent out during the late fall/early winter.

Contact: Patrick Lindblom, Fleet Captain Scandinavia,

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